Meet Vince, a moody young boxer from Brooklyn with a fresh bullet wound and a spot awaiting him in the Narducci crime family.

After Vince steals travelers checks from a British impresario, he soon finds himself in 1980s London, the epicenter of New Wave culture. On the run from the mob and his own awakening soul, Vince is unsure whether he will emerge a rock star, a rent boy, or a laughingstock.

Vince's journey brings an awkward friendship with a drag queen, a stint in a post-punk rock band, a frustrating romance with a Bowie-esque pop star, and bloody quarrels with a misfit skinhead—his own cracked reflection. With each encounter Vince comes closer to finding his true place in an ever-changing world.

ENTER OBLIVION, from Casperian Books

"A complex, richly layered story of love, gang violence, rock-punk music, fashion, family, and culture clash. If you ever thought a career criminal, a drag queen, and a bunch of Brits wouldn’t go together, think again." — Anthony Bidulka, author of the Russell Quant Mystery Series

"C.M. Harris has the savvy to create a rousing tale, as well as the language, imagery, and wit to deliver it." –Lavender Magazine

FIVE STARS! — Jesse Wave Reviews

"More than just a coming of age story, it is a tribute to the past, to that decade of the 1980's when music was important and life was very different. The prose is lush, the plot is thick and layered and it is a wonderful reading experience." — Amos Lassen Reviews

FOUR STARS! — Three Dollar Bill Reviews