Enter Oblivion Novel

"A complex, richly layered story of love, gang violence, rock-punk music, fashion, family, and culture clash" – Anthony Bidulka

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The Children of Mother Glory

"A soul satisfying read" – Katherine V. Forrest

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is "Mother Glory" autobiographical?
"There are similarities between my upbringing and some scenes/events in the novel. But by and large, the people and places are fictional—an amalgam of memory, archetype and artistic license."

What’s up with "Flammable Words"?
"The first story I ever wrote (which eventually became Enter Oblivion) got hurled into the fireplace because it was too wicked. Since then, my measure of important stories are those incendiary on some level."

Where did you get the photo on the "Mother Glory" book cover?
"I stumbled onto it at Square America. It uncannily resembled two of the characters from the novel. Plus the faces were obscured, which allows the reader to construct them on their own. I pestered the photo's owner for months until he let me use it."

Why initials and not your first name?
"I try to write from a gender-neutral platform."

Where do you come up with ideas?
"It always seems to start with 'what if it had happened this way instead?'"

What are you writing next?
"A contemporary satire about ex-gays, an evangelical Minnesota senator, bloggers and the state of modern marriage—all very laughable subjects."